mercredi 8 mai 2019

Open Survey N°8 : 60 seconds to imagine the Innovative Digital Enterprise

Your experience in Creative Commons and Open Source
  • Have you ever used an Open Source software ? 
  • Have you ever read a professional book published under Creative Commons instead of Copyright ? Have you ever worked with an Open Source supplier ? 
  • Have you ever contributed to a Wikipedia article ?  
Open Source, Creative Commons, Open Data and the Art of Management
  • Would you think that Open Source, all in all, is just a way to make good business ? 
  • To inspire a sustainable innovation strategy, would you study Open Source ecosystem as a best practice ? 
  • Do you know which Creative Commons contract was chosen by Wikipedia ? 
  • Could you explain to a junior professional what is Open Data ?  
Governing the Innovative Digital Enterprise
  • Would you think that the legal aspects are a barrier for enterprises to go to Open Source ? 
  • Would you assess that your enterprise has put in place the right processes to technically administrate its intellectual property (data bases, know-how, copyright, brands, patents,…)? 
  • Would you assess that you enterprise govern intellectual property at the strategic level (know how, industrial property, prior knowledge, third party intellectual property, public domain,…)? 
  • If there is an opportunity to develop an IT governance best practice under Creative Commons, would you feel like contributing with time and/or materials ?