vendredi 26 avril 2019

Announce : closing of Open Creative Survey service

Launched in 2011, the service Open Creative Survey meant to give a unique experience of the IT ecosystem collective intelligence with some key features
  • free access,
  • no need to register,
  • immediate sharing of the data collected by the survey.

As you might have noticed, the Open Creative Survey had been powered by a third party service provider.

Unfortunately,  on August 19. 2014, the service provider changed its subcription plan scheme and as a result, we could not, under our current subscription plan, deliver the service anymore and we suspended it.

We announce today, April 26. 2019,  that the service is closed.

Nevertheless, we can assess that the Open Creative Survey has delivered its promise
  • it has fed over 100 articles published in third party professional media [1]
  • it has delivered advanced signals of the digital enterprise, among which the new copyright practices enabling fair and sustainable digital ecosystem are not the least [2]

Thank you for your participation to the collective intelligence enable by the Open Creative Survey service.

We should announce shortly a new service which should take back the principles of Open Creative Survey :
  • free access
  • no need to register
  • immediate sharing of the data generated by the collective intelligence.
Keep yourself regularly udated !

[1] Le répertoire de l'entreprise numérique créative 
[2] Copyright protection officer : missions, 14 octobre 2018, L'entreprise numérique créative.