mercredi 5 mars 2014

Open Creative Survey N°16 : 60 s to assess MOOC as a business asset

Open Creative Survey N°16 : MOOC as a business asset is a teasing quiz for the mini MOOC "From knowledge management to organic MOOC"

Your experience in MOOC
  1. Have you ever taken a tutorial ? 
  2. Have you ever produced an animated slideshow ? 
  3. Have you ever attended to webinar ? 
  4. Have you ever attended to a MOOC ?  
MOOC and the Art of Management
  1. Would you think that MOOC could be a efficient vehicule to provide for consulting services ? 
  2. Would you say that a MOOC is a social network, but dedicated to grow knowledge ? 
  3. Do you think that a "Personal MOOC" could go live ? 
  4. Would you say that a MOOC is like a movie, but for learning purposes ?  
MOOC governance
  1. Would you rely on polls to expect a MOOC meet your professional /business objectives ? 
  2. Should a MOOC meta data include references and credits ? 
  3. Should the producer state transparently how the intellectual property of student input is handled ? 
  4. Would you support the project of a low cost MOOC, so each college teacher can have his own MOOC at no marginal cost ?